The purpose of the plan shall describe the requirements analysis activities such as the current situation of the company, involved in its processes, awareness of human, technological and financial resources with which account, in order to define events, dates and some requirements to take a more feasible way to implement the system.
Definitely the main purpose is to create a continuous improvement within the institution, adapting processes and procedures actually functional, taking into account important aspects.

Scope of the system plan

The scope of the plan will cover from the control of sales, customers, inventory and suppliers generating daily, weekly, monthly or as required by each report, as well as establishing the team of people to take him out (in charge, business, business, sales assistant) and an implementation schedule shall specify where through a series of steps and dates to follow the implementation of activities and processes will be developed.

Support information architecture that current systems

The current system will have an information architecture not quite structured, allowing only do is record purchases and sales keep track of inventory, also has a part in which a list of suppliers where it is stored, but this information is not processed.

The reports are generated manually and not automated, all yielding inventory control.
This system with the account that can operate on any computer equipment, office parcel that has great relevance without the specific characteristics of devices (memory, processor).

Implementation Plan

The proposed design will perform a series of tests, checking of the database to function properly, which meets the required operations, the processes are carried out correctly, among others, training and knowledge of the system will also be given the team so that they can properly manage system processes.

Business Processes

Sales: This process will be carried out at a service or selling a echipamente horeca product, which will be recorded by the reception to be accounted for at the end of the day and keep track of business operations, the company's sales are recorded detail under subdivision Information and details of services, sales will directly affect the number of stocks in inventory.

Shopping: This process will take place to make a purchase from suppliers, according to the results obtained in the inventory report is that the owner will make the decision of what is best for you to buy, so that it will take a registration of the product quantities to be purchased for each purchase and the dates of purchase, and some other private providers aspects of the product and brands, types, measures. This register, just as directly affect the sales of inventory stocks.